Starring the animated character

with her co-host Lloyd Price

and Special Celebrity ICON Guests

Singing Nursery Rhymes, Dancing is great Exercise, Eating Healthy Foods, & Celebrity Icons Singing & sharing their favorite Nursery Rhymes as Kids

Executive Producers: Lloyd Price and Bill Waller
Produced by: Lloyd Price & Dollar-Bill Waller
Directed by: Bradley ‘MadBrad’ Smith

Lawdy Miss Clawdy’s Personality Kids TV Show is a daily a Five (5) Minute in Length Vignette Show with a Kids Audience. Each Show will open with the theme song ‘Personality’ and camera shots of many kids showing their diverse personalities. This Show will be hosted by the Animated Food Icon Brand, Lawdy Miss Clawdy... who will also sing Nursery Rhymes with the Kids in the audience. During the 5 minute vignette, Lawdy Miss Clawdy teaches the Kids about Healthy Food to eat, Exercise by Dancing, and the importance of singing positive songs to help build character and self-esteem.

Each Show will also features One (1) Minute with an ICON PERSONALITY who shares with the Kids their favorite Nursery Rhyme when they were a Kid. We will feature some of the biggest Icon in Professional Sports, Music, Movies, Television, as well as, Business Icon Celebrities.

Lawdy Miss Clawdy will show the Kids all the health foods to eat such apples, bananas, cereal, milk, and discuss how eating Healthy Foods will help them to grow big and strong.

The show will appeal to Kids ages 5 – 12 yrs old, and their parents. Stay Tuned for more information on the upcoming Lawdy Miss Clawdy’s Personality Kids TV-Show.