Welcome to our American Icon Brands Evolution created to Meet and Satisfy Today’s Intelligent Food Customers’ Growing Need to Eat Healthy & Be Proud:

Hard Work, Imagination, Commitment, Quality, Safety, Respect & Vision are just some of the Values that have helped us to form the Foundation of Lloyd Price Icon Food Brands, Inc.

Our goal is to Feed Billions of People with our Healthy Food Products. Our variety of food products all have ‘Good Taste & Great Personality’. We want People of Color to Feel Proud ...to Identify... and to Buy the Lloyd Price Icon Food Brands products.

Our two American Icon Brands are known and have been experienced in the Music Industry by Billions of People worldwide.

Our vision to make the evolution and to extend our Powerful American Icon Brands into the Food Brands is the essence of who we are today.

Music and Food have long been a successful team to build brands for many years. Branded Songs have helped the rapid growth of Brands. Who doesn’t know the famous ‘I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner Song’, ‘Snap, Crackle, & Pop’, I’m Popeye the Sailor Man’, the Pepsi or Coke song, and many other songs that have helped to grow the sales of food products, as well as, to establish powerful food brands that are still strong today.

Our American Icon Brands are 53 Years Old! We just don't happen to be a business that sells food – it's now what we're Passionate about. Our goal is to meet our customers' needs by making our food, fun, healthier, image logo brand proud, and of course, selling quality food with ‘Good Taste .... Great Personality’.

Thank You America, once again for welcoming me back into your homes, and opening up your business doors today by allowing us and helping us to forever preserve the Name & Fame of our great Nation’s Minority Entertainment & Sports Icon Brands.

I personally invite you to come back to visit us here on our website, time after time. We will continually provide you with new healthy food products, as well as, offer you incredible consumer promotions to make it a fun food experience.

I remain, sincerely, loyally and respectfully yours,

Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President
Lloyd Price Icon Food Brands, Inc.